Global Leadership Network Southern Africa

The mission of the Global Leadership Network is to inspire and equip world-class leadership that ignites transformation.

The Global Leadership Network conducts an annual event called the Global Leadership Summit (GLS). This is a two-day, world-class leadership experience. The Global Leadership Summit brings together 200,000 participants for the world’s largest leadership event and is broadcast every August LIVE in HD to hundreds of satellite locations in North America. In the months that follow, the Summit takes place at an additional 900+ sites in 110 countries. South Africa is one of those countries. The GLS came to South Africa in 2005 under the auspices of Willow Creek Association South Africa (later renamed Global Leadership Network Southern Africa) and we are now a separately incorporated affiliate.

Over the past 18 years, we have seen Gerry & Janine Couchman step up to lead the GLNSA  into a growing movement across the nation. We have had incredible staff who have worked tirelessly in the mission. We have also had involvement from an exceptional Board from around South Africa, volunteering their time and expertise to bring governance and vision.

For all those who have been part of this story, we are truly grateful.

Dozens of leaders have spoken at the Global Leadership Summit and have shaped the path for the GLNA. These have included names such as John Maxwell, T.D.Jakes, Andy Stanley, Patrick Lencioni. Craig Groeschel, Christine Caine, Marcus Buckingham, Carly Fiorina, John Ortberg, Condoleezza Rice, John Dickson, Erwin McManus, Brian Houston, Jim Collins, Danielle Strickland, Jo Saxton, Bear Grylls, Steven Furtick and many more. Their collective wisdom and teaching has strengthened the lives of people all around the globe.

The Global Leadership Summit provides unique content and opportunity for leaders nationally to grow and be inspired in their fields of influence. Over the years we have become aware of the value of gathering leaders from churches, business, communities, politics – in fact, we know that leadership is influence and everyone has influence. The GLS has something to offer everyone.

In 2005, starting with just four sites in five major cities around South Africa, we initially saw 3,500 women and men attend the Global Leadership Summit. By 2019, this extraordinary ministry had expanded to include 22 cities hosting the Global Leadership Summit with 10,500 attendees. In addition, new formats of the Summit were being developed to impact and strengthen school students and business leaders.

In 2021 we launched our brand new Year Round lunch-time leadership events called  GLS60. This is an hour of fresh, actionable, in spiring leadership content to help leaders grow their leadership and invest in themselves. These GLS60 events feature world class speakers from both international and national level. In 2022 we have streamlined these GLS60 events into two different series namely Business & Ministry. The GLS60 events are free. Register for the Business Series https://bit.ly/GLS60-Business2023 OR register for the Ministry Series https://bit/ly/GLS60-Ministry2023

We changed our name from the Willow Creek Association South Africa to the Global Leadership Network Southern Africa (GLNSA) in early 2019. This name change, in the planning for several years, expresses the wide and outward focus of our growing work. It aligns us with our international partners and truly expresses the heart behind the GLS – to network leaders across nations to transform and shape culture.

We are global.

We are all about leadership.

We are here to serve you.