GLS Team Edition

Watch and discuss the Global Leadership Summit sessions with your team or group using the GLS Team Edition.  The GLS Team Edition includes high impact speaker’s talks from the GLS with session outlines and discussion guides to process important ideas and next steps with your team or group.

Leadership Articles

Search and browse the latest articles by topic for transformational leadership insights, diverse points of view and expert advice. English only.

GLSnext Videos

Stream the latest video clips from the Global Leadership Summit faculty, excerpts from past GLS events and more inspiring leadership experts in our network. English only.

Leadership Podcasts

Listen to world-class leadership content while driving, exercising or commuting. Search by topic and access podcasts to equip and inspire you while on-the-go. English only.

GLS GrowthTracks

Enroll in a GLS GrowthTrack that best aligns with your top growth goal. Spanning four weeks, these once-per-week skill development experiences will help you go deeper into key GLS topics with your favourite faculty. English only.

Leadership Quotes

Sometimes the simplest lessons are the most profound. Search by topic and access concise quotes that bring to life the principles shared throughout the Global Leadership Summit community. English only.

Stories of Impact

Follow the global impact of your donations and The Global Leadership Summit by experiencing inspirational stories of leaders who were empowered to create change in their communities locally and around the globe. English only.

GLS Year Round Group

Join or start a GLS Year Round Group.  These “learning groups” can be comprised of intact teams within an organisation, church or ministry or can be a cohort of leaders from different departments within one organization or even different organisations altogether.  What unites each learning group is each members’ desire to get better at leading.

Global Leadership Summit

So much more than an event, the Global Leadership Summit is the kick-off to a year-round leadership development journey designed to maximise your influence and unleash transformation in your family, school, work or church, or wherever God has called you.

Your Leadership Growth Journey
  • Attend GLS
  • Capture Top 3 actionable ideas
  • Identify 3 growth goals
  • In the next 7 days, debrief with staff, work teams and/or friends
  • In the next 30 days, enroll in a Leadership GrowthTrack to go deeper and develop essential leadership skills in GLS topics
  • In the next 60 days, join or start a GLS Year Round Event
  • Use the GLS Team Edition with discussion guide to go deeper with your team or group
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