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Vision Becomes Reality

Vision Becomes Reality to Spread Love and Serve Women Through Evereve

The Global Leadership Network’s premier two-day leadership event of the year has been held annually in August for the last 25+ years. Gathering hundreds of thousands of people from various industries and backgrounds, one of the things that makes The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) so unique are the leaders in our audience with a spark of a vision to create a better world for those around them. When ignited, a vision like the one Megan Tamte and her husband Mike Tamte had for Evereve, now one of America’s fastest growing contemporary clothing companies, becomes a reality.

“In all honesty, I would have never imagined building and leading one of America’s fastest growing contemporary clothing companies,” said Megan Tamte, co-Founder and CEO of Evereve.

In fact, before founding Evereve, Megan was a teacher with no plans to start a company any time soon. However, one day, during a fateful shopping experience that left her feeling frustrated and all alone, a dream was born. “The Evereve dream started with terrible experience shopping for clothes which ended with me crying and feeling all alone in a dressing room,” said Megan. “On the way home, I reimagined what my experience could have been, and in that moment, the Evereve dream was born. God put it on my heart to build a company that would use fashion as a vehicle to serve women and spread love.”

Early on in the development of their company, Megan and Mike attended The Global Leadership Summit for the first time. “We were young in our leadership and in the very beginning stages of growing our company,” said Megan. “After attending our first Summit, we were blown away and so grateful —it refreshed us spiritually, gave us leadership tools we desperately needed to help us grow our company, and inspired us to keep leading for God’s glory.”

Attending the Summit over the years has provided Megan and Mike with helpful leadership tools, including insights from thought leaders like Patrick Lencioni, who helped them see conflict in a different light. “Years ago, Patrick Lencioni gave a talk that helped me understand how important it is to embrace conflict instead of avoid it,” said Megan. “His talk helped me understand that (ideological) conflict with team members is okay and a necessary part of growth. Since then, I’ve become good at embracing conflict and having tough conversations—and growth has been the result!”

It’s been Summit lessons like these that have helped Evereve become the company it is today. “Overall, the lessons I have learned during the Summit have given me the courage and confidence to keep pursuing my dream,” said Megan. “Today, Evereve’ s hard working merchant team delivers the fashion I was looking for on that terrible shopping day—contemporary fashion on trend, approachable, versatile, and has an elevated, everyday edge. Our store teams across the country work hard to deliver the customer experience I dreamed of—we call our experience the ‘heart’ and it’s still alive in our 100 stores across the country today.

“For me, there is nothing better than a customer who unknowingly repeats the vision I had for Evereve back to me. And, when an employee tells me they love their job.”

It’s stories like these that reflect how experiences like The Global Leadership Summit have the opportunity to ignite a vision God placed on your heart.

Having experienced this herself, Megan Tamte is excited to join the Global Leadership Network Board of Directors and give back. “I’m excited to give back to an organization that has given me given me so much and has helped my company grow,” said Megan. “I also get excited about sharing leadership content with women who live in poor communities across the globe.” (Welcome to the team, Megan!)