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3 Ways to Build Resilience

3 Ways to Build Resilience

Building Resilience Requires Stability (Part 1)

Resilient teams have a clear north star—a common purpose—that binds teammates together. These teams know why their work matters and how their efforts fit within the bigger picture. Leaders must communicate their goals and messages clearly and serve as the stabilizing force—reinforcing the common purpose with their thoughts and actions. Watch Part 1 >>

Building Resilience Requires Connection (Part 2)

Even the most resilient individuals are going to have days that challenge them. A resilient team made up of diverse individuals is stronger than a resilient individual. Together, they can leverage strong communication and awareness to build their connections within their team and across their organization—ultimately becoming more resilient. Watch Part 2 >>

Building Resilience Requires Agility (Part 3)

To be resilient, organizations must be agile. Agility requires action and empowerment, or the ability, willingness and encouragement to adapt to changing conditions. To enable agility, leaders must think like a gardener—creating an ecosystem where people in the organization are encouraged to act based on the conditions on the ground. To be agile, organizations must make the team their strength. Watch Part 3 >>